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Mike Kachurowski


1980-1995 Pressman - Sunworthy Wallcoverings - Canadian Paperworkers Union and CEP


Steward, Treasurer and Vice-President

Courses in finance, facing management, workers compensation, grievance and arbitration, pensions and benefits, health and safety…


One of the first Local Vice-Presidents in CEP to be hired as a National Representative


1995-2020 National Representative - CEP, Unifor


One of the first National Representatives in CEP working out of the paper sector to work in other sectors of the Union - Media and Energy


2000-2020 National Rep for local 79M


One of my most rewarding and challenging assignments. Working with the executive and local was the best part. They treated me as one of their own which did not come easy. The executive is one of the most effective when it comes to defending the rights of its membership. Helping them along the way has been the reward. Your local has had two Local Officers (Randy Kitt and Jake Moore) move on to become National Representatives, something I hope I have played a small role in. The local having a scholarship in my name is just over the top. I am extremely humbled and honoured by this and can not thank them enough. I am most grateful that it is not a memorial scholarship, at least not yet!

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