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Update on our Local Layoffs                                                                                                                                               February 14, 2024



National Unit 5 Layoffs

  •  (1 ENG Camera assistant/Editor in Toronto, 4 ENG Techs - Halifax, Edmonton, MTL and Winnipeg. 7 grievances have been filed we believe they are tech change. 


Bell Media 2 Layoffs

  • 2 Promo producers @ Agincourt. There is a potential for a VSP (Voluntary Severance Package) to a more senior member. 

  • Stephen Howe, Chief Technology and Information Officer confirmed there will be more layoffs rolling into March. The Union has not been given any more information at this time other than what Stephen presented. We will be asking the company for VSPs to mitigate layoffs. If you are interested and haven’t already reach out to the union, please do so. 


Bell TV 5 Layoff

  • Bell TV announced 5 layoffs. (Technically 6 but someone just accepted a role in another department that is not affected. RF Broadcast Technician (1), Satellite Receiver Technician (1), Live Event Operator (3). They are offering VSP’s from those departments to the number of affected employees. 


TSC 5 Layoffs

  •  TD/Director role. There were 5 members combined in the TD and Director The company only needs 3 TD/Directors combined. 2 VSP (Voluntary Severance Package) were given.  So technically we mitigated the layoffs

  • Automation of cameras. They will still have some peds but 80% will be automated. Currently 6 camera people the company only needs 3. They are offering VSP’s. In addition, they have a GO (General Operator) and an Audio positions open that could potential save members


Please return to the website for continued updates.


In solidarity 

Local 79M

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